These confetti filled eggs are our favorite spring tradition.  Mexican children crack them on each other’s heads on Easter morning.  Sidewalks and yards are covered with beautifully colored shells, tissue paper, and confetti.  Back home we make dozens each year, here in Barcelona, we are only making a few this year.  Even so, it’s alot of fun. 

Here’s how we do it:

First we save eggshells for a bit.  We don’t usually blow out the filling, since we want a nice big opening to put the confetti in.  The way we do it is we crack one end of the egg as carefully as we can, then wash the shell and let it dry.  This year, we are in Spain, so we have only brown eggshells.   Our cascarones have these great rich, deep colors.  White shells give you the more traditional Easter-y colors.  If it is nearly Easter, and you’ve forgotten to save eggshells, you can just make something that uses alot of eggs.:)

When you have a nice big batch of hollow eggshells,  you dye them.  I usually use the old “food color in a cup of hat water with a teaspoon or two of vinegar” method.  In the states we use distilled, but here, we used cider vinegar.  It works the same.  Dyeing the hollow shells is really great.  The insides and outsides take the color differently.


Nest, you let them dry completely


When they are dry, fill them with confetti.   You can fill scoop it in, spoon it in, or drop it in pinch by pinch.  It’s ok to miss.  Confetti makes the prettiest mess.


Next, you take small circles or squares of tissue paper and glue them over the openings to “cap” the eggshells.  This will prevent the confetti from leaking out later.  The easiest way to do this is to brush a small amount of glue right around the opening,

and then lightly press the tissue paper on.  TaDa!

Finally, each cascaron gets a decorative “hat”.  The traditional shape is the pointy, cone-shaped hat.  We just take a triangle or a 1/4 circle of tissue paper,  roll it into a cone shape, glue it together and then attach to the eggshell over the “cap” with just a teeny bit of glue. 

On this one, I used two pieces of tissue paper,  yellow and orange.  The hat was too big for this guy, so the bits that hung down over his “head” were snipped into a fringe.  I fancied the top up with a twist and some more confetti. 

You can cut circles or semi-circles in different colors and glue them all around the cap.  It looks like a flower, sort of.  You can even add “pollen” with (you guessed it) confetti!  You can see a couple of our flowers up above in the “group shot.”  One is a tall daffodil.  Really about anything you do with tissue paper looks good.  You can take several colors and roll them into a tube, glue it shut and glue it to the eggshell, then use those scallopey craft scissors to cut streamers out of the tube.  You can make a top hat.  Really!

Finally, finally, finally.  The destruction!  Tradition demands that on Easter morning, otherwise charming children, in their lovely Easter outfits, step outside and smash these on each other’s heads.  Everybody gets confetti and eggshells in the hair.  Everything is beautiful.


3 responses to “Cascarones!!

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  2. Marybeth

    Those are lovely!!!! I love yr line “confetti makes the prettiest mess.” Kinda like love, right? Anyway, thanks for sharing these, I’d never heard of them before and now think they’re beautiful.

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