Tea? It’s sweet.

iced tea

I just had a glass of iced tea, sweet, just like at Bill Miller’s. Oh my that’s good stuff. Told Samuel this kind of tea is better because when people offer you a glass they say “sweet tea” as they hand it to you instead of “tea” and that brings a smile.

 Stacy, the lady I bought my blue Volvo station wagon from, on the day I went out to look at the car offered me a glass. “Would you like some tea?” she asked, adding “it’s sweet.” (Not in an apologetic,”I’m not sure if you want it, seeing as it’s sweet” sort of way, but in an “If you’re not sure whether to have any, you should know, it’s sweet, so  really good, and in case you don’t know whether I really mean for you to have some tea, my telling you that it’s sweet so you will want it should make it clear.” sort of way.)

Drank the tea.  Bought the car.


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  1. Anne

    Also, sweet tea is pronounced (in Texas, anyway), as if it’s all one word: sweettea, accent on “sweet.”

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