Hey guys! Ya viene Hanukkah. (It’s getting on toward Hanukkah.)

Traditionally, “papel picado” the mexican folk art cut paper is displayed on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and other major holidays (Christmas and Easter.)  It also decorates Mexican restaurants and those cute shops that sell oilcloth and wrestling masks.  Samuel and I made some papel picado to use as Hanukkah decorations.  “Hanukkah papel picado”–did we invent this new fusion craft?  We didn’t have tissue paper, so we just used some drawing paper and some origami sheets we had around.

Menorah Papel Picado:

hanukkah papel picado

Fish/Flame Papel Picado:

papel picado we made for hanukkah decorations

Here’s how we made it:

1.  First, I folded a square of paper in half left to right and drew half a menorah (or some other symmetrical Hanukkah-themed object) in the center.
Papel Picado 1

2.  Cut out the shape.
Papel picado 2

3.  For the menorah, i cut the flames separately:


Papel picado 3

I just made tiny folds (about where I’ve drawn in the dotted lines) to help me cut out the flames.

4.  Now you have the central image.
Papel picado 4

5.  If you unfolded it to see how pretty it’s turning out, refold it left to right and fold again top to bottom.

Papel Picado 56.  Fold the 1/4 sheet sized square in half again so that you can see where the central shape is as you make cuts along the folds. Be careful to avoid the shape.

Papel Picado 6

7.  When you’ve cut out as many slices, swirls, diamonds and rays as you think you should, unfold it so you have just the quarter sheet again. There will probably be some chunk that looks like it needs more cutting. See the upper right-hand corner of this one? Papel Picado 7
8.  There, that’s better.Papel Picado 8
9.  Open it up and say ooohh, ahhh. Papel Picado 9-TaDa!



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11 responses to “Hey guys! Ya viene Hanukkah. (It’s getting on toward Hanukkah.)

  1. Miriam Gross

    Wow! These are wonderful! What a great fushion. I love them!


  2. Hope y’all have a very Happy Hanukkah! Looks like you are off to a great start…those are fabulous!

  3. Nice artwork! I love the flash mob on Ben Yehuda street too! Thanks. It made me smile big.

  4. Jerry Gross

    Your Chanukah designs are lovely, great fusion art. Thanks for sharing the art work with us. Love, Dad

  5. So cute. This is right up my girls’ alley.

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