Ya es Sukkot, y’all!!


Sukkot is probably our favorite Jewish Holiday. Very family, very fun, it’s part harvest festival, part religio-historical ritual.

The sukkah, or temporary shelter, is said to have been used by those who worked in the fields for shelter from the sun during the hottest part of the day…
The rabbinic authorities gave this harvest holiday religious significance by saying that the temporary shelter was like that used by the Hebrew people in the forty years of wandering…

Judith Seid, God-Optional Judaism, Citadel Press, 2001

This weekend we started our celebration by eating breakfast tacos on homemade flour tortillas, then building our sukkah while listening to Townes VanZandt and the Fabulous Thunderbirds, all the while cooking up a storm of fall foods (there are beans and stews, challah, and cinnamon rolls in our house now.)

As for the sukkah, well, first, we built the walls;

SukkahConstruction-one wall waiting

then, we added the roof


and anchored the whole thing.


Of course there were breaks  for wine drinking, taco eating, and chilling.
SukkahConstruction, worker on break

We got the Sukkah up,


We like the outdoorsy and harvesty aspects of the holiday, and we’ll spend a good deal of time this week sitting outside, in and around our sukkah, decorating a littte at a time, and eating warm foods (because it is getting coldish out there.) We’ll also try to spend some time thinking about the ethical themes the holiday suggests: scarcity amid plenty, homelessness, the fragility of our home (the earth) and of any of the “constructions” we use to give us the illusion of security (employer provided health insurance?), the plight of refugees and others who are far from home, try maybe to  think about what we ought be doing, if you know what I mean.



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2 responses to “Ya es Sukkot, y’all!!

  1. Jerry Gross

    Its wonderful to see that you made a succah. It makes me happy to know that you are celebrating Jewish holidays. Love, Dad

    • ceeemm

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. We had alot of fun with the Fall celebrations. We have alot of traditions to honor and enjoy, and it makes for a rich broth.

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