When I rule the land, we will feed the animals….

In Seville, we visited the Real Alcazar.  I decided that , just as soon as I get made emperor or something, I’m moving in.  


Nice front door, huh?  (Click through the picture and look at the big version on Flickr, it’s amazing.)


I loved the buildings, especially the tilework, and the royal photographer snapped a few photos of some favorites for me. 



Here’s a little something I like to call “my covered porch.”



The boy loved the mazes, ponds, gardens and birds,


and he promised to buy the place for me when he grows up if it ever comes up for sale. 

We expect we’ll live very well there.  I know one bird will be glad to see us.




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3 responses to “When I rule the land, we will feed the animals….

  1. Ginny

    So beautiful! Must be hard to leave it all. We look forward to visiting you when you move in! (I can just see your metal man perched in an adirondak chair on your new front porch!) Until then, we welcome you back to dear, boring Irvine!

  2. carol gross

    Dear Cordelia,

    I would love to join you there; meanwhile looking forward to treating you in royal style in berkeley, as well as sharing lots of stories about your fabulous year, and getting some hugs from “the boy”


  3. love the hat!! :^)

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