Fire, Water, and a Poodle

Just been reading Lori’s post about camping with kids over on In Haywood’s Meadow .  It really is all about finding the things that make it work for your family.  Started me thinking about some of the things we need when we camp, and what we like best about camping:

Fire.  Fire you can build, tend, watch, alter, feed.  Fire to warm you up in the morning. Fire to boil your water (for your coffee for example…)

The boy, he’s all about the fire, the glowing sticks, embers.

Water.  We like us some water.  The kind of water they like best is really cold and has trout in it.  The kind I prefer is bathwater warm, but really, any water will do. 


Knives and sticks. Sticks to play with, to light, and to feed to the fire. Knives — for sharpening the sticks, of course.  

sharpening sticks

Poodle.  Hard to believe we used to camp without a poodle all the time. 

We miss you dizzy.  I’m looking forward to some late summer camping this year.



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5 responses to “Fire, Water, and a Poodle

  1. fire is so crucial. even in the middle of summer the boys want to sit by the fire at night! :^)

    i love nothing more than to sit with my feet up, talking, laughing, and looking up at a million stars.

    love seeing your photos!

  2. Anne

    Dizzy misses you too.

  3. Lori was kind enough to let me feature her camping post on my blog (, and I would love to do the same with your follow-up post here! I would talk about your post and link to it, essentially. I enjoy bringing my readers the best of blog posts about camping. Also, my I include the pic of your son w/Dizzy?

    Thanks for considering this,

    Jean B. in SC

    • ceeemm

      Thank you and of course you may feature my post on your blog. I enjoyed you blog myself, and thank you again.

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