“Campeones, campeones…”

Barcelona won!  http://www.fcbarcelona.com/web/english/index.html    Everybody’s noisy, and there are fireworks in the street.  Not lovely New Year’s Eve fireworks– big, loud flashes that look like you are under siege fireworks.  Bands of men are wandering the streets singing some sort of victory songs.  The city smells like burned microwave popcorn. When I look out the window, though, I see the same smartly dressed, reserved Catalunyans I usually see.  Nice old men in suits are wandering out of the bar across the street, seemingly unfazed by the airstrike.  Ladies in snug jackets and heels are riding around on their motos.  Might as well crank up the videos. No sleep tonight.  Happy Barcelonans don’t sleep.


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