Illustrated instructions for making cascarones!

cascaron instructions p.1, originally uploaded by Vimos.

For step 1, you need food coloring, vinegar, hot water, and eggshells (white or brown.) The eggshells should be open on one end. Put the plain shells in the dye (made up of food color, water and vinegar) and you get dyed eggshells.

For step 2, you need confetti and the dyed shells. Put the confetti in the eggshells.

For step 3, you need tissue paper in several colors, the confetti filled eggs and glue.  glue a top made of tissue paper to the filled eggshells. 

For step 4, you need tissue paper hats and the capped eggs.  Glue the hats on the eggs.  Finished!

For step 5, you need a head and a finished cascaron.  Crack the cascaron on a head.



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4 responses to “Illustrated instructions for making cascarones!

  1. love your tutorial AND that you have a blog :^)

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