ToolOfTheTrade, originally uploaded by Vimos.

The Dongdaemun shopping complex in Seoul is a multi-block, day and night market that sells everything. At night, there is music, neon, street food, and life–all night. And you can buy anything. Apparently it is rumored that Dongdaemun truly has everything, (you know, if they don’t sell it, it doesn’t exist.) They say you can even buy cat horns there.

All I know is you can shop for fabric, sewing supplies and yarn until your brain hurts. Steve and Samuel were pretty brave about it, and I think they actually enjoyed the huge buckles and buttons sections of the market. It’s kind of the hardware store of the fabric market. It makes you woozy, aisle after aisle of lace vendors, followed by a big section of vendors specializing in polka dots, then stripes, then plaid shirt fabrics, suiting, plasticy glittery stuff, chains. This guy sold thin cotton for shirts. Love these scissors.


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