SamuelBiBimBap, originally uploaded by Vimos.

When you walk around Seoul, you see this dish, Bibimbap, everywhere. It’s rice with toppings, including vegetables, meat, and super spicy sauce. The kind Samuel is finishing in this picture, Dolsot Bibimbap, is made in a hot stone pot, includes an egg, and you get this yummy, crispy rice crust in the pot at the end. We’ve seen people pour their soup into the pot, and eat the rice mixed with broth, so that’s what we do. It is delicious. We do not understand half of what is going on, and so it is possible that we are following the example of the most ill-mannered Koreans, and you are never supposed to do that, but we don’t know, and, did I mention it’s delicious? Oh, and another thing.  We got this dolsot bibimbap (no spice) in a food court at the dongdaemun shopping complex, and it wasn’t easy. let me tell you.  That’s some good mall food.


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  1. Anne

    Mmmm, bibimbap.

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