Ketchup with that?

SourceOfSamuelsFavoriteHotDogs, originally uploaded by Vimos.

I think it must have been a special day in cooking history when somebody said, ” The hotdog is good. Tempura is good. French fries are good, too, but you know what would be really good? A hot dog coated in batter, with chunks of potato stuck all over the outside, and then fried till golden and crispy.”

We really enjoyed the street food in Seoul. This was one of Samuel’s favorites. This and the guy who sold tater tots in a cup. and the dumpling guy. And the breakfast toast sandwich guy (eggs with ham, cheese, cabbage, carrot, and brown sugar on toast.) And the strawberry juice stand. And the sweet rice cake stand. And the spun honey and nuts place. And….



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2 responses to “Ketchup with that?

  1. Anne

    Street food is best. I would tell you about the street food in Beijing, for example the little stand tucked into the bushes at the edge of the driveway of the fancy hotel we stayed in last visit where for breakfast they made little biscuits stuffed with chopped pork quite like carnitas and cilantro, so delicious you really should try it sometime, but it’s your blog so let me just say how much I like reading about the food in Seoul.

  2. ceeemm

    So would you make teeny biscuits, like the James Beard cream ones, and just slow cook some pork with salt and garlic, and put cilantro on them, because I want to make them!

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