Getting ready

We are off to Seoul in a few days.  Steve will be working, and Samuel and I exploring.  So’s we can be ready, we had our own version of Kim Bap.  korean seaweed and rice rolls.  We usually have them with bits of hot dog (what Samuel calls “wienerbap”) or tuna and mayo (“tunabap”).  Today, it was tunabap.  We don’t season our rice, just spread it on little sheets of seaweed and fill with tuna and roll.  Yumm.  I’m really looking forward to some real kimbap in seoul. 

You know what else I’m looking forward to?  Breakfast “toast” or “toast-o.”  They’re street food breakfast sandwiches made of buttered white bread, egg, cabbage, carrot, ketchup, ham & cheese (opt.) and some sugar.  Yummmy.  A couple of years ago, we were there when it was just too cold for Texan blood, but we’d get up early and dash to the nearest toasto spot.  There the nice couple was up making breakfast sandwiches for early morning commuters and selling them out of a sort of tent.   Love the Korean street food.


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