We try something new

Sweet boy and sweet pigeon, originally uploaded by Vimos.

This week, Samuel found out that the pigeons in Plaza Catalunya will stand on your sleeve and eat birdseed out of your hand.

We were walking down to La Boqueria market on La Rambla, and he so sweetly asked whether we could walk through the Plaza instead of around it as we usually do. We walked through, and he crumbled up a couple of bread crusts he found and offered them to the pigeons.   A couple came around and took some crumbs.  After a bit, he saw a lady getting the pigeons to stand on her sleeve. Turns out she had birdseed. There are so many pigeons in the Plaza, and the snack/souvenir carts sell little bags of birdseed. We got one. I let go of all my mama squeamishness about pigeons landing on my little boy, and just stood back and watched the happy boy and the happy pigeons.


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