There’s a hole in the middle of the wall. There’s a hole in the middle of the wall. There’s a hole in the wall, there’s a hole in the wall…..

You know the song?  

It’s been raining in Barcelona.  Alot.  I heard the drought is officially over.  Reservoirs are all full.  Yea!  Wish one of the reservoirs wasn’t in the wall to this apartment. The walls started seeping moisture, and there are big water stains all around our lovely bedroom window.  Now the repairguy is ripping the wall and ceiling apart.  Yuck.  When he’s done, he’ll patch, paint, and go.  It’ll be smelly and messy though.  Maybe I’ll sleep in the other room.  

Lovely apartment.  Great light.  Lots of charm. 



Great building.


Things keep going wrong, terribly annoying things, but we love it just the same.  When we moved in, the heat wasn’t working, it took a month, a very cold month to get it fixed.  They gave us electric space heaters to use, but the apartment’s wiring couldn’t handle the heaters and kept tripping the circuits.  The handyman made some kind of questionable fix so we could use the space heaters.   (Bubble gum was not expressly mentioned…)  The washer broke when we moved in.  The oven doesn’t heat much above 375 F.  We were so excited when we finally got our phone, but as soon as it was installed, it malfunctioned during the next rain.  I tried to call the phone company about it on my cell, but the call was very long and my prepaid cell died in the middle of the call.  For awhile we had no heat, unreliable electricity, no washer and no phone.  I couldn’t figure out how to recharge my cell or  my mobile internet.  I kept trying to do those things at midday, when everything is closed till 4 or 4:30.  In the mornings, there were appliance installations, wiring repairs, phone repair phone calls.  After a few days, the sun came out, and the phone and DSL worked.  I got my cell phone recharged.  The phone company called on the cell to say the phone number they’d given us was not really our number, but they didn’t tell us the right number.  They’d mail. it.  I still  felt like Sandra Bullock in The Net.  All of my connections to modern civilization were being  severed.  I felt very clever when I figured out I could call my cell phone from my home phone and see the number.  Ha! 

So here’s the thing.  We love this apartment.  More than we love our own house.  Maybe because we don’t own it, we don’t care about the curse?  That’s how we know we love it.  That’s what love is.  I used to have a very sweet, but smelly, dog I loved in just this way. My friend Anne knew someone who was moving and needed a new home for this beautiful white shepherd. I fell in love with her at first sight.  Months later, I told Anne that my dog, Scorsese, was stinky.  She said she knew but  “I thought you’d notice.”    

It’s one of our family jokes now:  “I thought you’d notice.”


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One response to “There’s a hole in the middle of the wall. There’s a hole in the middle of the wall. There’s a hole in the wall, there’s a hole in the wall…..

  1. Anne

    Oh, sorry about the stinky dog, but like I said….

    Thanks for the blog. Many questions answered, mysteries solved.

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