baking, originally uploaded by Vimos.

One day last week, Steve and Samuel were both having a bad day, but the next morning they fought back. Yep. They baked cake! We believe in the healing power of cake around here.  Just saying “cake” can make us happy.   Steve wanted an oil based cake, because he thinks beating the butter and sugar by hand is too much trouble, and he wanted to use up some yogurt. He made Orangette’s lemon cake, sort of. Theere was mixing, measuring, grating, chattering, experimenting. (Our Barcelona oven is well, unpredictable, but they seem to have figured out how to approximate 325 degrees.) They used orange zest and juice instead of lemon, made a bit more glaze than her recipe called for and used a mixture of corn oil and a teeny bit of olive oil instead of the canola oil. I was  concerned about the olive oil, but I liked the texture better with the bit of olive oil and the flavor is very good. Things were better afterwards. A good cake can do that.


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