The invasion of….

For Christmas, the boy got The Sarah Jane Adventures, a Doctor Who spinoff children’s show.  I like it much more than I ever did Dr.W.  In the first episode, “Invasion of the Bane,” a new beverage “Bubble Shock” is suddenly the rage.   It’s a little puzzling how it became so popular so quickly until its role in the imminent alien invasion is revealed.  

A  little silly and overdone, this business of people going crazy for a beverage overnight, swarming to get it, isn’t it? But have you noticed these “Nespresso” machines and ads everywhere, banks giving the machines away, store windows featuring the cute little fellas ,  George Clooney hawking the stuff on t.v., in metro ads.   It’s too muchh for just a coffee.  Can they really just be cute espresso machines and gimmicks for selling flavored coffee? 

Then, the other day, as we were walking along Passeig de Gracia, we passed this place. 



 A  Nespresso boutique.  I’ve seen them on t.v., but there is something very strange about seeing an actual, beautiful, immense, dedicated “Teeny Little Plastic Packages of Coffee” space jam packed with “Teeny Little Plastic Packages of Coffee” consumers.

 It looked like some kind of lovely theme-park store or maybe a brand new gallery,  all shiny, and orderly, and new.  Then we noticed the people inside, all beautiful, shiny and orderly, standing in long lines, like at a bank or some sort of ultra-chic government office. They were all done up, and somewhat tired looking, and, we realized, waiting to buy their machine, their capsules, their color-coordinated cups and sugar packages, (and sugar holders.) 













Once inside,  some of them waited also to try the Nespresso in the special tasting area.  There were  guards (to make sure we didn’t .. what?)  There was an entire wall, self, replenishing, I think,  of beautifully arranged capsulesNespressoMosaic?” 


There were “business solutions”  (Nespresso vending machines) But mostly there were waves and waves of people. We made it across the floor and found the steps to a second  floor of people standing in line to buy their Nespresso and Nespressoers. 

.. and then I think they all must have taken the Bubble Shock bus home and had some Bubble Shock.



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4 responses to “The invasion of….

  1. KikiChic


    Oh Samuel is so grown! And the apt does look fantastic. Isn’t space such a mystical thing? Good space. Bad space is …well… awful.

    Have to go. Alex the Amazing Cat wants into the basement. Time to serve… xxoo, C

    • ceeemm

      True. not one trace of the little boy left to him. In spanish people say about a situation/place that doesn’t feel right “no me hayo” (I can’t find myself,literally) There is a sense, on walking into some rooms, that you can almost see yourself already in its corners, standing in its shafts of light, right? This place has that for me. The Irvine house? Not so much.

  2. we just started watching sarah jane! it’s good, but come on — you didn’t love doctor who?! ;^)

    • ceeemm

      Yeah, I don’t know why it just never clicked for me. Thinking about giving it another try sometime, since we like SJ and torchwood. Maybe I’m just afraid of Doctors?

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