Tiny Brown one, originally uploaded by Vimos.

On January 4, 2009, we went to Collserola. It was latish and chilly by the time we got going, but we needed to spend some time outside. We hopped on the metro and rode it out to Baixador de Valvidrera, that’s where things start to look green. The train is above ground there, and you walk out right into the huge park. The park has some nice hilly hikes, and, although there are lots of people out, it feels away from the city. Last time we went was in the Fall, and we saw several groups of older people carrying baskets and collecting mushrooms. This time, it was the Sunday before Three Kings day, and near the end of winter break for school kids, so there were many families with children. The forest is not very green right now, but alot is growing, purple, grey and brown stuff, mostly.

The cafe has a nice outdoor cafe where you can get things like bocadillos and grilled artichokes. We had some tortilla de patata bocadillos and pasta.  Lots of people drinking coffee and smoking, and talking, always talking. After our snack, we walked to the “panta” (lake) to see whether any frogs were around, but it was too cold. Samuel found a fountain to explore, and later a stick. Snack, hike, water and stick. What a good day.


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