The beach

On November 15, 2008, we went to a nearby town, Sitges, to play on the beach. A beautiful day. Sitges is just a short train ride from Barcelona. (I love the transit system here. Not only can we get anywhere in Barcelona easily, cheaply and reliably, we can also get to other towns just as e, c and r. But that’s another post.) The Sitges beach is beautiful– soft, slithery sand and beautiful shells and water–but not in that perfectly isolated way beaches can be.  It is definitely a peopled beach. People walking, playing with dogs, sitting around having a meal. There was alot of running on the beach.

He can fly

He can fly


I sat and tried to sketch some shells. Steve and Samuel built things.  There were drip castles with wonderful canals bringing water to the castles. Steve comes from a long line of drip castle champs, I’m told.  His grandmother used to take his mother to the beach at Coney Island when she was little, and they spent long summer days building  these.  Steve learned to make them when he was a little kid visiting his grandmother, but he also practiced his craft on the Oregon coast and in Florida.   The final castle was amazing.



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